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Thread: A leap of faith

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    A leap of faith

    From the tip of the blade or the depths of the heart,
    There are no stronger resolutions to take part.
    Gradually mending the fears that hide in your closet,
    Sealing and healing through the extinction of your inner fosset.
    Running freely your emotions may offer many opertunities,
    Yet a single objective shadows the strength of so many uncertainties.
    To drive forth the mind in a unique path of courage,
    Doubts become futile among those who acknowledge.
    However one wavers in the distance of his or her faith,
    Nothing resounds more true than the love of one's fate.
    Mournfull tears that led to a crossroad of betrayal,
    Wondering if one stands strong enough to defend the trial.
    To strike or not this unending dance of confusion,
    Ever more grounded in this dispute of a decision.
    Final words often end in love or hate,
    Foolish are those who attempt to end this debate.

    I'm not a judge, so why not be a participant :P

    Inspired by:

    Music from my music list
    Peacemaker anime
    ....and pepsi :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Soldat of life View Post
    My favorite philosopher:

    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: A leap of faith

    That Was Awesome I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Super Smash Bros!!!!

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