Finding the support
Of the one who loves you
This is the life of two

Living alone in solitude
Does not allow love
Those that fly not like a dove

But following either path
Still only leads to death
Not drawing yet another breath

When that time is reached
Even then there is two roads
A fiery pit or vast wasteland pick one mode

The fire pit is hard
Escaping is nearly impossible
And could make you cannibal

The wasteland is endless
With no person around
An isolated universe of cracked ground

Both are horrid
But continue on
Until the rise of dawn

Reach the edge of strain
Then follow the remaining trail
And ignore the dragon's scale

That is the pathway
The trial of rebirth
The way back to Earth

Remembering not what happened
In the previous days
Cycling forever in many ways

No memories are kept
No love is withheld
No pain is remained

All is scarce
As life returns
Everything repeats

Live on
Die in Peace
Live again