Life, Death and Rebirth
By BlueFox1

When we’re first born we begin on a predestined path that is laid out for us
Like the classical scores of sheet music played in the most beautiful symphony
As we journey down the road a world that is unknown to us becomes clear
Flying through the endless fog only to be touch by the suns endless warmth

Now we begin to age understanding love, pain and joy as our journey’s traverse
Shooting across life as star to be seen by many only few actually see us fall to earth
Picking up the shattered pieces of our ironic fates that were laid out for us since birth
Beginning to take bow as the curtain closes as if it’s the final scene in a wonderful play

Fallen we as poets being to breathe as new artistic creations begin to flow frantically
As blood flows through our bodies racing up and down throughout each blue vein
The three beats of life, death and rebirth have finally been reached through existence
Arising like the slumbering phoenix from it once warm dormant ashes revitalized again