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Thread: looking back on my love.

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    looking back on my love.

    Trying to fight the darkness

    That remains in my heart.

    Love once disused in honour

    Witch has been striped of its pure and glowing shine.

    Still wondering what tarnished it.

    Was it all because of me?

    Was it your entire fault?


    Maybe just maybe it was both of us...

    We just weren’t meant to be together.

    It was such a strange relationship anyway

    You kept controlling me.

    I never noticed.

    I thought that was how it went never thinking about myself...

    Always worrying and caring for someone who really wasn’t there...

    You never loved me....

    So now I’m guessing it WAS your entire fault !!

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    Re: looking back on my love.

    There were a few errors here and there. But I liked it. The title speaks really well for the poem. I also liked how you showed your thought proccess. And even how you suddenly changed your mind at the end. Good Job!
    ... Not Ever Again...

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