And the winner is...

Where No One Cries - Exoparadapsyphobia

At the top of all judges' picks, the rhythm and relative simplicity of this poem meshes with its simple create for one's love a world in which there is no sorrow, no pain. And even with that idea, there are several layers of perception; this doesn't necessarily have to focus solely on romantic love but could extend even to the love of a parent for a child or a deep friendship between two people. The flow moves well between the stanzas, keeping the poem's structure and beat consistent. Very nicely done.

Congratulations Exoparadapsyphobia, as winner your poem will be stickied, showcased on the homepage and you are invited to be a guest judge for June's POTM.

Honorable mentions to Corvus, PhoenixSara, and psychical, also among the judges' favorites.

Reminder...June POTM entries are due by 6/29, no later.