In my sorrow I left alone
Like a lonely bass in a lake
That I wish I was a precious stone
That will clearly define from fake

In my sorrow I was in pain
In the chamber of death
No profits I will gain
From my any of my breath

In my sorrow I was chained
By light in the abyssmal field
For they thought I was insane
And tears is only my shield

I prove everything but still they can't accept
The works that I did with my soul
They still acknowledge every prospect
Of the hounds of dark fall

They laugh in my sorrow time
And dance upon my grave
And did every crime
In the days I gave

The land that is water by my tears
Seals my dignity and pride
And the blood that I stained
Is the symbol of the hell's tide

And in my sorrow I feel safe
Even my heart burst with my blood
Cause I know that the "Fates"
Will give me eternal glad

In my sorrow I seed my fear
Together with my revenge
And someday is the end of seer
And the start of my avenge

Sorrow is my temporary company
As long I was condemned
And soon the field will not be empty
By the bodies of my fou brethren