Let me go
Your presence haunts me
Your voice chills me
To the point where I can't
It converts me into something
That I don't want to be

Your words are like poison
Rich and decadent
I scream out
Because your shadow beckons me
Into eternity where my eyes are blind
And I am chained to the past of your lies and my cries

Ahead I only see darkness
She whispers to me hotly
"Come to me my daughter, daughter of the light"
"I shall be your guardian, you shall be my knight"
And I reach out with my soul and being
While you lie in bed, dreaming of deceiving

I give up on second chances
Because you make me feel like I am senseless
Like I'm a fool and I don't see
How you like hiding behind that tree
I take my sword, I take my ax
I slash away the pain and the regret
The Darkness helps me strengthen my stride
Because the truth is stronger than the tide.