No more sorrow.
Not today or tomorrow.

No more grief.
And no more falling from belief.

No more sadness.
And no more thoughts of madness.

No more fears and no more eyes full of tears.

Everyone's happy and everyone's clapping.

Everyone's in love. Every guy's got his girl.
And every girl's got the guy of her dreams.

Everybody has lots and lots of friends.
Every one is in to all sorts of trends.

You were there, in the rain all alone.
I saw you, cold and chilled to the bone.

I was there for you.
And I always will be.

You are a one-of-a-kind.
How could I be so blind.

You sent me your love
From a dove in the heavens above.

You are my candy, and you can never lose taste.
You are, in everyway, completely graced.

Now we're happy and now your napping.
And now we're both happily clapping.