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Thread: Not Strong Enough [Poem]

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    Not Strong Enough [Poem]

    I refuse to cry
    So I look to the sky
    As I watch the days go by

    I won’t give in
    To this teary whim
    I know what’ll happen if I lose it again

    The blade will come back to haunt me everyday
    So I’ll keep it locked up and the pain might go away

    I try not to let the pain get in the way
    I’ll never be strong enough to just walk away
    --Why must I live today?--Why must I keep standing through this pain?--Tell me why oh tell my why--Tell me why there are these tears I cry--

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    Re: Not Strong Enough [Poem]

    Interesing poem. It begins off kind of haikuish and then it goes into a much more hard hitting stanza, before closing on a peaceful note. But how is it relevent to poem of the month.

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