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Thread: November POTM winner

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    November POTM winner

    (I have to say, November's entries as a group are probably the best I've seen in the almost year and a half we've been doing POTM. Picking just one winner was tougher than usual with so many great poems to choose from. As one judge put it, there must be something magical about November to have gotten the high quality of work seen in this POTM. So congrats to all!)

    And without further ado, the winner is...

    Graffiti - Peach_follows

    An excellent entry. This poem manages to tie in music, emotion and art so beautifully, and give a human face to graffiti that most people wouldn't even bother looking for. The flow and rhythm is great; although the rhyme scheme is inconsistent it adds to the honesty of the poem. An all around favorite of the judges.

    Congratulations Peach, as winner your poem will be stickied, posted on the homepage, and you are invited to be a guest judge for December's POTM.

    Honorable mentions to NeoDeath90, Kiani Haki22, and beast, all among the judges' top picks.
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    Re: November POTM winner

    I knew this was coming. Another well deserved win to my fellow poet!
    Why hello there!

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    Re: November POTM winner

    Good job it was a really good poem one of the best i have read .

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    Re: November POTM winner

    I am so happy for hte winner, you did a good job you deserved. Look forward to more ^^... btw thanks for the honorable metions it means more than you will ever know.

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    Re: November POTM winner

    Congratulations Peach!!!!!! a well deserved always...
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