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Thread: October's freestyle entry. (My secret)

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    October's freestyle entry. (My secret)

    Freestyle eh? MMK!!!

    What you see
    is nothing but lies.
    The one who watches
    becomes the next who dies.

    This is
    my little secret
    and for you not to know.
    Because you've found it out
    I'll bury you 6ft. below.

    For no one to know,
    no one but me.
    The hell brought upon you
    you will soon see.

    I killed her you see.
    Just tore her heart from her chest.
    Cut her apart
    and well... you know the rest.

    All over she is scattered
    But you know that no one cares.
    Not like she matters,
    it's all in what she wears.

    She was a whore you see.
    The apple of the darkness.
    She went from you to me,
    in a matter of minuets.

    You were never to know.
    It is
    my little secret.
    You saw my little show
    but will soon regret it.

    It is
    my little secret
    And that it will stay
    Because you were nosey
    You lost your life in the worst way.
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