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Thread: October's POTM- "Secrets on Haunted Hill"

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    October's POTM- "Secrets on Haunted Hill"

    Skeletons in the closet,
    Monsters in the attic,
    Demons in the basement

    A building meant to be a home, but a
    haunted house is it replacement...

    Fact or fiction is my contradiction
    Hiding black truths, finding white lies
    Living in these four walls in fright

    Scared of what the truth might reveal,
    Shadows of secrets are concealed...

    A family based on fables was built,
    A fairy-tale full of guilt,
    A glass house made up of broken promises and shattered will

    Piece of shards cut deep and pain is all I feel
    It is the only emotion I know is real, besides fear...

    Everything else is thrown behind locked doors
    or trapped behind sheet rock and sealed
    Emotionless is like an invisible force field

    Shaded by hidden truths,
    Jaded by what's missing and what's loose...

    Which is family ties,
    Bonded by a shadow of lies,
    At this home, when darkness falls there is no light

    The people under the stairs telling me "it is better to be blind,"
    "Looking for the truth through a secret window, I still will see a lie"...

    I have to stop being a pumpkin head
    and accept the fact I am dealing with a family affair
    and belong to the house of the dead

    What lies beneath the truth is a child spawned from someone who is blessed
    A seed from someone who molest...

    Born with a gift and a curse at the village of the damned
    Secret revealed, so welcome to the last house on the left
    located on Haunted Hill...

    The heart can't lie... Truth is... I love you!!!

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