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Thread: Passing of the Torch (Jan Entry)

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    Passing of the Torch (Jan Entry)

    Two kings and two queens all equally reign
    Over this wretched planet with Earth as it's name

    Every three months, one succeeds the last
    In an eternal cycle of present and past

    The first fills her reign with cold, arctic air
    As ice sheets the water in its frozen snare.

    The tiny snow crystals then fall from the sky,
    As the Lady of Winter makes cold water fly

    Her powerful grip chills the ivory land
    Yet all powers fade, and all parties disband

    As the Lady's time ends, a new woman appears
    Who is born out of Winter's cascading tears

    The tears part the snow and the grass starts to rise
    And the Duchess of Spring simply Laughs at her cries

    With a flick of the wrist, the sun pierces the clouds
    And life starts anew, in a brilliant green shroud

    The buds of the flowers begin open
    And the leaves of the trees begin growing again.

    But Spring cannot fulfill this quest on her own
    So she calls on another to sit in her throne

    The Lord of the Summer at that time is met
    To ensure the Spring's work will not end with regret

    Summer calls storm clouds to gather around
    To let loose their contents with a large, violent sound

    As the rains plummet downward, all beings rejoice
    As the life giving agent gives strength to Earth's voice

    Once this job is done, power changes once more
    As it's Summer's time now to open the door

    And usher in one final King of this land,
    The Ruler of Autumn, a gnarled branch in his hand.

    A swing of the branch cause outlooks to change,
    As once brilliant greens turn to shades that seem strange.

    Reds, browns, and yellows fill the senses of most
    As leaves gently dance downwards at the will of their Host.

    Once the last leaf falls, like the rain or the snow,
    Autumn leaves the throne, and begins to throw

    The cycle in motion once more it would seem
    Winter taking her place in this quarterly dream

    Infinite outcomes in each set of time,
    Yet the same task is finished with no reason or rhyme

    The wheel of time spins everlastingly on
    With the four rulers ready to pass the baton.
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    Re: Passing of the Torch (Jan Entry)

    The wheel of time spins everlastingly on
    With the four rulers ready to pass the baton.
    I really miss reading your poems Neo.... your poem is a constant reminder that nothing in life is constant but change....
    "In your arms is where i will be, I love you till my forever ends."
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    Re: Passing of the Torch (Jan Entry)

    Well... I really like this poem XD It is a very different view of seazons that I am used to seeing (I've only studied Latvian folklore about this though), for example, it is ussually a great celebration that spring fights and wins winter, while you put it as something rather cruel, and ussually the autumn colours are looked at as most beautiful etc. Also I liked your descriptions... the winter part was especially nice, or maybe it just seemed to me so because of the winter that is now ruling in UK >.<
    And the flow and rhyming is just great here ^^ Nice work Neo

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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