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Thread: Poem of the Month (POTM) - Overview

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    Poem of the Month (POTM) - Overview

    Welcome to the new and improved POTM--Poem of the Month!

    Our last POTM contest was a success, with many members entering great work. So we’ve decided to make it a regular feature here on AO.

    Rules and guidelines
    • Entries will be submitted beginning on the first of the month and up to and including the second-to-last day of the month. Example, if you want to enter the August POTM, you can post a poem in this section from 8/1 to 8/30. Entries submitted on the last day of the month will not be considered, as this day will be used for judging.
    • Only one entry per member per month. If you enter more than one poem in the same month, only the first entry will be judged.
    • Your entry must follow the theme chosen by the judges. Themes will be different subject matter (love, hate, nature, etc.), poem structure (rhyme, sonnet, haiku, etc.), a given title (we tell you what to call it, and you base your poem around the title) or any combination of these.
    • All entries must be the original work of the poster. Plagiarized entries will be deleted and the poster will be given an infraction.
    • Do not submit poems that have been posted on AO already, whether in the general poetry forum or for other contests.
    • All entries submitted for a certain month's POTM will be closed one week after the winner is announced. This will help the judges see what is actually being submitted each month.
    • All the normal AO Rules still apply.

    • chiefblackhammer
    • deodaclan18
    • gren
    • Lasura
    • Mechazawa

    Themes will be posted here, Themes for POTM, so make sure you check the most current post before making a submission.

    Judging will begin on the last day of the month, and the winner will be announced within the first week of the following month. The winning poem will be stickied for the month (until a new winner is chosen), and will have a link on the AO homepage; the winning poet will be invited to be a guest judge for the following month’s POTM.

    Remember, this contest will only continue if there is enough interest and participation. So get working on those poems…the first POTM will begin on August 1 and end on August 30. Have fun, and we look forward to seeing some amazing work!
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    Re: Poem of the Month (POTM)

    I have now opened POTM forum for new poems to be submitted. Remember, only submit poems that are for the contest.

    For POTM winners, the following great prizes are available:
    • 100 credit points
    • Your poem will be shocased on the front page and linked to.

    Thank you.
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