August 13,2007
waking early to see morning dew
as the sun rises i think of you
my dearest friends current and past
begging forgiveness for pain cast
wishing i could see you all
lost in a moment, a speck of time
i remember everything
it floods my mind
the sunset walks,
the midnight talks
the rainy tower,
the midday shower
the tango of life,
the waltz to stride
a week in bed
you at my side,
a painful hour
then you died
the walks in the park,
the chats in the dark
the pain and misery,
the never ending story,
on and on the memories flow
only to be awakened by thunder roll
the sun has risen only to be overcast
the hopes that were,
the dreams of past
they remain with me
for all eternity
maybe one day
a friend will show the way
shine a light into the gray
raise the sun for a brighter day