Things that pass seem like a memory and
things to come are just thoughts that havnt
been made , all the laughs and the tears that
make up a life are sometimes to short to be loved
or even missed.

When a baby is born the tears that it cries brings
joy to a new mothers heart its a memory that
will always be new no matter how old the child is,
love is a wonderful killer because there's so much
to have the pain and the joy that makes the day worth it
will always be in her heart.

Today a man died for glory and pride so that others
could live there dreams , doesn't matter if there bad dreams
or good dreams because its a dream that everyone has ,
things that pass like the moment is the last , how fortunate
we are to dream.

Oh the politics of it all makes the dream well worth it no
matter who makes the call they could be young , old and the people
in between they all have there dreams and thats what makes this
country rare.