I am a man apart from counrty
Exiled from my homeland
My dear Patria

The opprression that grips it
Beats the people
Fuels my rage

I will lead the charge
Fellow rebels rushing close behind
Running through the night

But i still tell myself
"I am of the arts, not war
The reaper will surely snatch me"

"They will either kill me straight off,
or make my life a living hell. "
I was stricken with fear at the thought

I am extremely afraid
But I still start the battle
And battle with all my soul

They capture me
My fears are realized
All hope seems lost

Facing the guns with dread
I still find my courage
Que morir por mi Patria es vivir

Theme: Courage is doing what you believe is right even when you are afraid.

P.S. I wrote this poem because i recently came back from visiting family in Cuba. Though I do not approve of commmunism, I was inspired by the earlier revolutionary revolts against the Spanish and the rebels' leaders (Jose Marti, etc.). The last line in Spanish means "For to die for my country is to live." It is the fourth line of the cuban national anthem, "El Himno de Bayamo" (The Bayamo Anthem).

EDIT/ I use that motta on my sig not because i believe in commmunism or Che Guevara, but because I think it is one of the greatest Cuban mottos.