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Thread: To be a Pro-lifer

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    To be a Pro-lifer

    She only let the boy touch her, because she was seeking approval.
    Tried to find it in disrobing.……. Clothing removal.
    She gritted her teeth as she felt penetration.
    Just like a hand shake to this misguided generation.

    Weeks later, and her calls are never returned.
    The lesson behind this is so far from being learned.
    So small was the aching feeling in her abdomen.
    Not knowing this was so much bigger than she could fathom then.

    A month goes by, and she feels tired and weak.
    She has a hunch now, but on it she would never speak.
    When all that she can stomach is ice cream, and salami.
    This is no laughing matter… She’s too young to be a mommy!

    During the next 8 weeks, she earned dough, from turning tricks.
    Called the clinic, in tears. Made an appointment for six.
    As she headed there on foot… Small noises became a racket.
    She wondered who could see the bump under her “FuBu” jacket.

    Outside the clinic, they hold signs… Pictures of lifeless babes.
    The things they shouted at her. The crude way they behaved.
    Their force exceeding what was needed to prevent an abortion…
    …They killed the last of her spirit, the tiny surviving portion,

    Her youth was suctioned out, like the baby inside her.
    She lay there defeated…. Her whole life she’d been a fighter.
    Her last fight was through the crowd again. She’s bleeding through her pants.
    Embarrassed. She just couldn’t bare another strange, disgusted glance.

    She stood there, in a trance…
    …Recalled the suction… the clamps.
    “The cramps!…. Oh!…. The cramps!”

    She collapsed.

    Not one “pro-lifer” offered to ease her strife.
    To be a “pro-lifer”, but ignore a human life…..
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    Re: To be a Pro-lifer

    Really really sad emotions. My sister had to abort once. My friend right now is hesitating to keep hers and has many complications if she keeps it, especially for her own life.

    There isn't just black and white, or even shades of grey. Reasons that count beyond the amount of life's colours can sprinkle one person's decision in keeping or not a child. I won't say more, but I guess this is and will always be something controversial, just as much as love, war and religion, or any ethics for that matter.
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