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Thread: The Rain (9/8/07)

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    The Rain (9/8/07)

    I stand alone in the rain
    feeling the droplets hit my face.
    I can't tell if I am crying anymore,
    I can feel the embrace of my love.

    I am the one who is suppose to
    protect her, yet she is my sheath.
    My life has been like a drawn sword
    and she came along and sheath it.

    She became my protector and healer,
    I loved her with my heart and supported her.
    I could not protect her from the horrors
    that this world had shown me.
    Yet we never left each other and protected
    each other. Healed each other.
    Even loved each other.

    I asked her to marry me and she agreed.
    I thought I could protect her forever,
    yet Death threw it's joker and she died.
    I couldn't protect her and in my arms
    she said, "My life was empty till I met you,
    I was so happy to have fallen in love with you. I'll always
    be with you, my love". It was raining then.

    At her grave, I laid flowers and spoke to her.
    I wore her wedding ring around my neck.
    The pain became dull and I remembered.
    We had protected, healed and loved.
    I spoke, "I always love you and will never
    forget what you did for me."
    It began to raining again as I stood there.

    this is my entry for the POTM ^.^

    Thanks for the siggy Ky-lyrra

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    Re: The Rain (9/8/07)

    Wow... this is great @.@ It made me cry (a good sign ^^ lol)
    I'm quite speechless... a wonderful work @.@
    I just love the first stranza... it's perfect!!! I could read it again and again... It tells everything already- in the begining...
    I really want more...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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