As I run through the emptiness of the shadows
Running further into nothingness that consumes me
As my breath is consumed by the intoxicating air around me
My steps begin quicken, my feet padding against what’s below

I turn back to see that nothing is there, though I run even harder
I feel as if I am scared, but of what puzzle my frantic mind
My eyes shift to the door that is in front of me
I reach for the knob but the door moves farther away

I release a scream of frustration for I know that it is getting closer
I run even faster, though my effort is only pointless
As I feel the essence of it creep right upon my back
It grabs a hold of me and turns me face to face

As I was shocked in horror of what I saw
For I was scared of something that I should not be
It looked me dead into my eyes as I uttered the words
“It was me I was afraid of...” My eyes open, and I was awake