Destined to be captured at the sight of you
I've been amazed by your presence, since I was two
The first time I'd seen the primary hues
Ever since then my favorite color became blue

When I witness the alter in seasons
I wanted to mature & change with you for that reason

Feeling the wind of a cool July breeze or a December snowy freeze
Sitting under a tree on a mild October day recognizing the foliage of the leaves
or standing in a April shower that's crying out to me

You shared your experience with me then
Not knowing we would have more to share... that...
that was only the beginning

Later you introduced me to something I will never forget
Something I will lay my life on the line for with no regrets

Instead of pronouncing the word with four letters;
expressing it is... is much better

It is so unconditional, so forgivable, so sentimental
It can be so kind, so blind, so harsh, but still gentle
It's always self-less, sometimes selfish, rarely binds, but never on time
All in all that's what makes it so gorgeous & refine

Now some people don't see you the same,
but to me you are burnt into my pupils like an old flame

You really are in the eye of the beholder & everyday I perceive you... you get bolder & bolder...
You're my motivation for me to grow older & older
Cause of you... you are my inspiration & to you this is a dedication

Everyday when I look at the horizon to see
the sun rise or set... your essence I seek;
even when the moon shines I look for you before I fall asleep

A man in search of his beloved called Beautiful
Who was destined to be captured at the sight of Beauty
and has been ever since he was two....

For that I think I am one of the lucky ones, so I must....

*writers block is such a pain*