You will never know, who know the stuff you talk about.
When you think no one is listening it all comes out.
I thought all his love was mine till the end.
No matter what the hurt, he comes back to me in the end.

Yes distance can be torture.
Yes distance can make you try
to see if you can steal him,
You can try with all your might.

No matter how hurt he is,
I am the only one who can make him see.
My words are the only ones that calm him.
Why cant you all just leave us be.

Yes he can say things to hurt
he is just another wounded soul to protect.
You can misinterpret his being friendly
to being more than just a chat.

While others may think that I drove him away,
I was just being quiet,never being more than a step away.
while some say they love him, are your feelings really sure?
Are they more than just infatuation.
Can you do much more?

Sacrificing in quiet,
while i see the other girls try to flirt.
I am his home and his solace.
His family will trust no one else.

They call when they need me.
They say i am the one to soothe his soul.
Yes I am asking you,
he never breaks his word.

To me he's never lied.
To me he's made me a better person.
I have been nothing but patient and unconditional,
With me he is so much more.

You spread more lies and hurt my heart
do you really want us to fall apart.
I stay quiet, not saying a word.
The vileness in your heart,
will never match his every word.

Even if i stay away,You still see one day.
Your lies can never keep,the Two of Us apart.
Your secret is out, yes there is a scarlet letter on your chest.
Your lies will be seen by everyone who comes your way.