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    september entry

    Darkness of mind, darkness of soul

    Darkness of mind, darkness of soul

    Darkness beckons to her, its long reaching fingers
    touching her to her very soul
    its the darkness to which she may not surrender
    no matter how much sweeter the prospect

    darkness invites her to come, and rest
    darkness promises her to eternal, blissful rest
    it assures her that her troubles will be left behind
    no more pain to be felt, no more ties to bind

    darkness, the sweet, eternal friend
    when in fact it would be her final brutal end
    the temptation to give in, to giver over to the darkness
    is always present, as her life is in a constant mess

    she feel she is drowning in the light
    no one sees her, no one hears her plight
    its ignorant bliss she wishes for, craves
    yet she faces each day anew and always braves

    the elements of her life, the constant beaten path
    she seems to follow from day to grueling day
    she wishes for a warm welcoming hearth
    but she always, always seems to lose her way

    she is lost, will she ever be found?
    Will she ever again hear that sweet promising sound
    of the light that is meant to have and hold
    yet for her is carries the odor of the dank and cold

    the light fades daily, hence the pending darkness
    its the darkness that always theses days prevails
    and she is sinking, sinking, sinking down, down
    further away from this light, for the darkness prevails

    Darkness of mind, darkness of soul
    that which claims both the young and the very old
    darkness you claim to be an ally, a friend
    why then do you only bring about, her impending end?

    My love she burns no more
    Now she is dead, my heart is filled with
    the hopeless darkness of the world

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    Re: september entry

    th poem is a good one but it somehow got to me like reminiscing instead of change correct me if i am wrong.
    "In your arms is where i will be, I love you till my forever ends."
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