At the parting of clouds so high above this wreath,
I lay my tired sigh under this large oak tree
Where my memories of dancing laughter parade my existence
Though in a different way it seems it renders little ignorance
At the total mountain of expence
There is little comfort that I can subtly see.

These months to hold have taken their toll
Upon the laying times of actions bold
There seems to be little desire to make me whole
Under this oak tree there lies with me
The memories of smiles filled full

Filled full of kindness shattered by a dream
So filled with sadness nestled in between
Two rocks that stay one's path to seeing
The immaculate and all powerful omnipotent being
Are placed by feelings of dark intentions sheen
So laid by the Gods in your threaded fate seen

So as I sit under this plant of bold and powerful need
The wood only brings to mind,
The sublimation of planting life's seed
For which it will come on that day
When being inside the haze-
Of loves shine so brilliantly
Divine and sheen

So I call to you,
Oh oaken tree,
That rests at my back

I ask of you
What past minds that you-
May have inspired in times back;
Beyond my days
Beyond my ways
And far past what I see;
For my vision is cracked

Bring to me your old wisdom
And show me the tranquil way to live
That way life will soar by and through me
And to my soul it will call and ask of me to give,
A simple gesture towards the future,
Towards fate herself
And my mind will burn in hells fury
For no gesture seems to be enough

Calmly send to me
The possibilities
Towards my future path

Though guidance is said to be,
For the weak
It is the unnecessary strength
That I lack
So pointless it bares to be gained
What of this simple gesture that will send me back?

Back through time and through space,
Back beyond the full sunny days
Reaching past existences very core

Back past whence I came to be
Beyond my birth and young days
Beyond humanities first step
I'll see the voids endlessly brilliant rays.

And all from you,
This fine oak tree
That subtly inspires me to be
Something more in life, I see
The meaning of one's being.