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Thread: Shine in All Your . . . Indignity?

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    Shine in All Your . . . Indignity?

    Sorry it's so long. But, I have a hard time with humor.

    Welcome brave knight
    Even though you came
    Only as a stop on your mission
    Could you help us in our plight

    I implore you to stay
    We can feed you well
    Even give you fine women
    So if you may

    Thank you brave one
    We have been tortured
    Our children badgered
    And our taxes a ton

    Slay this one weak man
    None of us have weapons
    So you must do the job
    He'd die from a hit from a can

    Brave knight please
    It shouldn't be hard
    We really need it done
    Would you do it for this cheese

    Good bye honorable sir
    We wish you luck
    Getting past the vehements, dragons, and deep moat
    I hope we don't have another knight soup to stir

    ---- Some time later ----

    Ah so how was your quest
    Did you kill the man
    I know you did
    You must be the best

    What was that
    You didn't actually kill him
    Well how far did you get
    We thought you might be flat

    You got past the vehements
    How did that happen
    You took a catapult into the river?
    And took no dents?

    Well, never mind about them
    What about the dragons?
    You tripped and accidentally pushed them into lava?
    That was lucky, a perfect ten!

    And what about the moat
    You swam?
    Past the Gators?
    I thought you would've used a boat.

    And how about the guy?
    Is he dead?
    But, I thought you didn't kill him
    Come on, don't be shy.

    I see now
    You made so much noise
    That he laughed himself to death
    But i must still wonder how

    Good bye Sir Fool
    We have no more use for you
    Oh and all our women are married
    You were just a tool

    Your horse was slaughtered
    And is the food you eat
    And the armor we polished
    Was slightly altered

    Happy trails Sir Knight
    Ride off in your pink armor
    Ride on your stick horse
    And thanks for the hilarious sight

    ---- Later ----

    Ah truly thanks brave mister
    As I lay in my tub with these three
    Beautiful Unmarried ladies
    The only ones left I conquer

    A big thanks to Renn for the sig! THANK YOU!

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    Re: Shine in All Your . . . Indignity?

    dude, sorry to say, i don't get anything that was going on in there? who was talking? what was the whole use of it? it was just downright confusing. sorry.

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