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Thread: The Sights and Sounds

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    The Sights and Sounds

    (This poem goes out to my ten year old cousin..hang in there Andrew!)

    I've seen it all
    Fiery fingers strangling the brave and the good
    Noxious shame flattening the valiant
    I've seen helplessness
    Seep through the skin of my own family
    My very own father
    My strong and boldfaced father
    I've seen him cry.
    My youthful eyes have captures hatred
    More hatred that I ever knew existed
    And why?
    To dismiss the question would be foolish.
    But to concern yourself with it could be deadly
    At least that's what my father said
    Yes my father, through his thin white lips.

    I've hear it all
    Ear-shattering screams from the mouth of phantoms
    Malicious gunshots by smiling faces
    I've heard skin
    Sizzling among the cursed flames
    My heart
    My ten year old heart
    I've heard it stop
    It stops every time I hear the crushing footsteps
    Enough fear to halt an army
    And why?
    This life can't possibly be better than death
    Or maybe, just maybe there's hope
    Some people say so-
    Right before they burn

    Indeed I've seen and heard it all
    Screams, Flames
    Pain and Strife
    These wretched places
    It must be hell
    At least, I hope so
    Because Earth should not bear such hateful things.

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    Re: The Sights and Sounds

    This is really too emotional for me to make a comment on it. It's outside my comfort zone and any perspective that I could ever possibly understand from my sheltered life. I still believe that it is good though.

    ... and join my rebellion against time.

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    Re: The Sights and Sounds

    I liked this poem.... I REALLY liked the imagery and everything. I just don't know where ethics come in. Infact Im not sure exactly what its about.

    BUT..... not to take away from this poem, because I would not have commented unless I thought it was exceptional. Obviously, though I wasn't sure exactly what it was about... I could sense the fear and the danger. The pain was in my throat the entire time I read it. This is some of the best imagery I've read in a while! And that, my friend, is no exageration... Kudos!
    ... Not Ever Again...

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