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Thread: ¤Suicide of a Samurai¤ (Female)

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    ¤Suicide of a Samurai¤ (Female)

    Part 1

    Sakura no hana fall from their trees, and land upon her hair while some float off in the morning breeze.
    This female elite warrior holds beauty like a rose, but within that delicate shell rages a full masculin pose.
    She stands in the garden waiting for her love, then a telegram falls from the sky not carried by the usual dove.
    It bears the message "your love is dead", so she silently cried and grieved in bed.
    Then the day came when she couldnt cope,and she unsheathed a sword with crimson rope...

    Part 2

    This sword was the one with the poison end, "To be used on foe; not on friend".
    She knelt down with thighs wet from tears and the pretty face corrupted with mascara smears.
    With the sword unsheathed she knew what to do, she took a breath and jabbed her stomach once and the blade went through.
    She lay there watching her blood spill out onto the floor, until the poison did its job- until she breathed no more.
    Her spirit rose from the body and ascended up above, to unite in the heavens with her one true love
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