I thought you'd be the one,
That would never sway,
Never run.

We used to be the last leg to stand,
For one another,
Even against my man.

I used to look to you for everything,
But now, your apathetic words,
They just sting.

You used to be my reason to smile,
But I'm telling you now,
That's it's been a while.

You used to make me want to sing,
And dance like an idiot,
But that was just a fling.

But now your whole life,
Makes me want to cry,
Dreaming of the lies and the strife.

Now, when you call on me,
It is a very last resort,
And trust me, that's not the friend I want to be.

But now that you've turned your back,
I've lost my world,
Fallen through a crack.

Just when I thought you'd be in it for the long
Haul, you slipped and fell,
And showed me just how I thought wrong.

I haven't writen nor posted nor entered in forever. Please be gentle. I know it's....rickety. But I'm not good with that rhyming thing. And I tried to keep it consistant.