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    Together Forever

    Together Forever

    She’s that cute, quiet and shy girl
    You know, the one who doesn’t get looked at twice
    Who is smarter and wiser than she should be at her age
    Who sometimes acts more mature than adults
    And always tries to help out everyone

    He’s that guy who has multiple sides
    You know, the one who doesn’t get looked at twice
    Who is smart and wise but might not always show it
    Who occasionally acts like the kitties he likes
    And always makes people smile

    They find each other one morning
    On that day he wishes her happy birthday
    Making her smile she decides to make small talk
    And soon they are in a deep conversation
    Making each other’s day a little brighter

    Over the next week they grew close together
    And in her heart she knew that she was falling for him
    She didn’t know why and denied it when asked
    But in the end she knew it was a lie
    And decided to tell him

    He told her that he was happy she liked him
    And called later that night, when they were getting off
    He said that he might be falling in love with her too
    The next day he gave her a flower
    And said he loved her too

    Now they are in love and he calls her “baby”
    She calls him her “sweetie”, now always and forever
    Ignoring what others say they only get closer day by day
    They know they are in each other’s heart
    And will love each other always and forever…
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    Re: Together Forever

    That was a great free verse poem-like-story (i like those by the way) -meows-. Although, the letter size is a bit too small, i have always liked your poems and this one is by far the best of all -.- meow ^^x..


    curious kitty

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