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Thread: A Twist in Friendship...

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    Talking A Twist in Friendship...

    You think you have a best friend,
    But i'll tell you the truth
    this story will explain this,
    and make sadness flow over you.

    You hung out since 5th grade,
    all the way through 8th.
    But suddenly it seemed like
    you put a brick wall in my face.

    You hung out with your clique of people
    so I hung out with mine.
    I became popular,
    but you still left me way behind.

    Our occasional Hi & bye's are the only thing we say,
    The other stuff is history,as i may say.
    The only time you sit by me,
    is when you have none of your friends.

    It hurts to see my best friend,
    so alike and so true.
    Fall apart in pieces,
    with some people who are nothing like you.

    We tried to come back,
    to our regular personality.
    It's working out fine so far,
    But remember this is reality.
    ************************************************** *****

    Short but i just wanted to enter it.
    Yeah, Bye.

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    Re: A Twist in Friendship...

    *sniff* So sad... That's happened to me before. You get my vote.

    Meow. :3

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