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Thread: Twisted Lullaby

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    Twisted Lullaby

    Shhh, now go to sleep.
    Sink into those cool cotton sheets.
    Not a peep.
    Shhhh... Just breathe...... Deep.

    The hour is late.
    The playground of your mind awaits.
    Resting bones just can not wait.

    Oh, but my sweet girls and boys...
    ... so quickly fantasy deploys.
    Reality becomes white noise.
    Know only my voice,
    my voice.
    my voice.

    Unknown is the destination.
    Darkness, thick like perspiration.
    Breathing quickens. Heart is racing.
    A silent scream of desperation.

    Tossing, turning. No escaping.
    Your sinking hole continues gaping.
    Thoughts unleashed, can leave you shaking.
    Evil, murderous, and raping...

    Raping of your innocence.
    You cry out for this curse to lift.
    But, not a sound will leave your lips.
    So tears just drip.
    and drip.
    and drip.

    Into your cotton pillowcase.
    Which soon encounters your embrace.
    With a look of horror on your face.
    You look around your empty space.

    Confused and so disoriented.
    Feeling as if you've been tormented.
    Remembering all the sick, demented.
    Yet this memory fades in seconds.

    Forgetting what has just occurred.
    And all that's left is merely blurred.
    Yet, still don't forget a word.
    This voice you heard.
    you heard.
    you heard...

    ...this twisted lullaby.
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    Re: Twisted Lullaby

    A good job creating a twisted lullaby and good job deploys and noise to rhyme. That takes some skill.

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    Re: Twisted Lullaby

    i like it it was really good i should try and write something in a while

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