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Thread: Verge {12-26-07}

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    Verge {12-26-07}

    On verging Disposition
    is the feeling of Madness
    falling on Deaf ears
    but being seen by All
    who but Everyone
    lifts no Finger to stop
    a mad Dictator
    on the Verge of Rising
    Powerless is a Weapon
    to the Strength of a
    however releasing your
    Spirit could
    cause more Disparity
    find in a Heart
    Darkness and Light for in
    The End
    Nothing waits for every
    Piece of a Disregarded
    letting fall not
    a Piece of the Puzzle

    Out of the many I had this poem is probably the best I could find. And believe me, somehow, I wrote this in a slightly dazed state. I didn't understand it until 15 days after I wrote it, and that's when it hit me exactly how much I liked this one. ^_^
    R & R PLZ.
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    Re: Verge {12-26-07}

    this is really interesting to me. im torn between the several ways you could take it. its over emphasized with the blod words but i think i like it like that. it reminds me of the power our country holds over us or maybe some higer being
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