so, so close
so close, we rocked like boats anchored
to go, to sail with abandon
on this night
-Odessa Chen

I ease myself down onto smooth satin sheets
I look out the window to the chaotic streets

I feel so at peace, locked away from it all
I relax even more as i hear a soft call

My newlywed wife rests her head on my chest
and snuggles in close as if I am her nest

Our eyes slowly lock as we we relish this night
And smile as our conjoined lives start their flight

This pulsing sensation, the warmth of our touch
Her hands on my shoulders using me as her crutch

The hours fly by, and at the end of it all
In front of our pasts we build up a wall

For after this night we become free at last
As we look towards the future, and abandon the past