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Thread: Where No One Cries.

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    Where No One Cries.

    This has been sitting on the shelf now for about 4 months half way finished and finally got enough motivation to get it done.

    Where No One Cries

    One eye is red
    One eye is blue
    They see only opposites
    But they both see you

    The left can see joy
    The right can see pain
    Like how you hurt yourself
    And dance in the rain

    I see how you smile
    How you burst with anticipation
    For someone to come forth
    And accept your invitation

    To bath in your love
    Maybe they'll share
    You'll rub them down with it
    To show that you care

    But there's that fear
    It won't let you go
    To seek them out
    To let them know

    These people are cruel
    Dangerous and uncertain
    To them you're a muel
    Just stay behind the curtain

    Though I can see through it
    To me it's transparent and clear
    You can't hide from these eyes
    They catch every tear

    So come along now
    Reach out, take my hand
    My love won't fall through
    Like a sieve full of sand

    It's dense and it's strong
    Unmoving like concrete
    Made to last long
    But let's be discreet

    Me and you, just us two
    We'll live in a dream
    What I tell you is true
    Where no one is ever mean

    A promise of loving care
    You see the flare in my eyes
    And feel the sun on your hair
    Now lets go there
    Where no one ever cries
    We can love forever
    Where no one ever dies
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