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Thread: The Y of Y (October Entry)

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    The Y of Y (October Entry)

    The Y of Y

    One must know even the word
    As if it is etched in one's brain
    Its undoubted letters

    The horrors we C
    In the dead of night
    Not as blind as we Cm

    Not we; the singular instead
    Dominating mI life
    Out of many, I am the only

    The rats of this place Tm
    Dwelling above, racing below
    Morality is but a Tz

    Y must cruelty be Cn?
    Y do I do nothing?
    Y haven't we Tmd up against it?

    For all the flaws the first three letters show
    The last lets us oppose the status quo.

    God I love New York

    It's been almost exactly 6 months since I've last really been on AO and submitted a Poem for POTM. (last one was April 30th)

    This form is very odd, but I just got it from a stroke of inspiration (keep in mind I started writing this at 1230 in the morning!).

    Please give any criticism, as I'm very curious to find out if this is a good direction to go in or if it makes no sense .

    It's good to be back in AO,


    Thanks to _gwenibe_ for this awesome sig!

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    Re: The Y of Y (October Entry)

    Yaaaay! Im just so pleased right now. I love to see creative and innovative approaches to writing. Its so cool.

    This month didn't produce a whole lot of entries. But with this one, and a couple others... I have seen some of the most passionate and creative work POTM has to offer.

    Yes, yes, I now have faith that POTM is still a worth while contest. Thanks for helping restore my faith. Now I just hope AO continues POTM for a while.
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    Re: The Y of Y (October Entry)

    This indeed is very creative and new, but i' m afraid i have a terrible problem with not understanding all these shortenings and stuff so it was rather confusing for me to read it (of course I did in the end, but it took some time XD). Anyways I'd just suggest you to put in brackets what exactly you mean with ur shortening or something like that for dorks like me XD
    Altogether it is very nice, especially in theme- you tell a lot in your poem. The poem has moral value, which is very important for me. Nice work anyways! ^^

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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