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Thread: Are You Free?

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    Are You Free?

    Was he free to mess with her mind? Disregard her heart?
    Was she free to revel in the pity of a victim?
    Am I free to throw away the food that's on my plate?
    ...When they say I take advantage of the system?

    Or can we eat and eat.. And, take and take.
    When someone else, they starve across the sea?
    We go to warm climates on our Christmas breaks.
    ...Must be nice for us to feel so free.

    You are free to love your fellow man,
    Embrace them as a sister or a brother...
    You're also free to hate and reprimand,
    And, take away the freedom of another.

    Freedom of fabrications, lies and fake smiles.
    And, the freedom to turn the tables all around.
    We could go as far as our minds could expand.
    ...After all, it's only us that keeps us bound.

    We're free to hesitate, before we make new starts.
    We're free to not do anything at all..............
    If she makes herself a target, he should break her heart.
    So she's free to seek a savior from her fall.

    IS freedom an absence of constraint?
    Or does it more so help define our limitations?
    Real freedom is outside the box.
    When you exceed your own expectations.
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