Across the desert plains is being
nurtured by heavenly saints of life.

The momentum of our time is being closely
separated to the lives of our own.

You smile is more frankly enthusiastic
and the inspirational from a moment of life.

On days of persuasion of time being close to
the eyes of your happiness come forth.

Under your breath comes in a clear desert
vision of white snow covering small desert plains.

Rendering the soul and grieve ness of an
opportunity given for a special resolution.

Smiles across the watchful full night moon
given by streams of water out in the bay.

Mellowing out a good feeling towards your
emotion of affections onto feelings in the open of our minds.

Illuminations of trust and care comes from a simple
smile of happiness.

Life at your hands will result in a beautiful
paradise will become a true reality.

Endless laughter of fun ness of the wonderful
experience in your heart comes a beautiful rose
of joyous morning blossoms blooming in the spring.