Submitter: atomik_sprout
AMV Title: Furi-Naru-Kuri-Chanpuruu in: No Leaf Clover
My entry's URL: YouTube - Naru-Kuri-Chanpuruu in: No Leaf Clover.
Length: 5:45
Size: Unknown (I'm guessing about 90 MB)
Format: AVI & MPEG-4

Video Footage from:
Series: Naruto
Production Studio: Studio Pierrot

Series: FLCL - Furi Kuri
Production Studio: Gainax

Series: Samurai Champloo
Production Studio: Geneon

Audio from:
Group/Artist: Metallica
Song: No Leaf Clover

General Information:
This is my first AMV ever. I've always liked Metallica, and have always thought that an anime series with a soundtrack by Metallica would be sweet. Since there isn't one, I decided to take three of my favorite series and blend them in with the sweet sounds of Metallica's "No Leaf Clover". I really wanted to make this like an epic fight scene or something along those lines.