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Thread: AMVs: Do you really care?

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    AMVs: Do you really care?

    Well, AO members, it seems that no one really cares too much about AMVs on this site anymore. I on the other hand am an exception. I strive to make the best AMVs i can with what i have and i think i have done quite well.

    Channel: NeoDeath90 on

    here, take a look!

    But my real reason for posting this is for a discussion. For the members who enjoy making AMVs, what is it that inspires you, or who does if this is the case?

    What do you think was your best AMV and what was your worst?

    And most importantly, what anime do you use the most?

    For me, i am in spired by many people of youtube. Practically everyone who makes an AMV i gain inspiration from.

    My best AMV would be this one, in my opinion.
     click to show spoiler

    my worst is right here
    I normally use bleach due to i know it very well. I'm trying to get into death note but there's not much i can do there.

    edit- im using spoiler tags to keep the post nice and neat.
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    Re: AMVs: Do you really care?

    I haven't made an AMV in over two years. What inspired me is mostly just the music and the concept of making something that can give one a sense of pride.

    MY BEST:MY WORST: YouTube - Scar AMV -"Play God" [it's my first after all]

    My material is whatever I have. I do not necessarily like to stick to one series. I like variety in my work.

    I'm currently working on an AMV at the moment. Well, it's not really considered a work on progress since it's in a frozen developmental phase. I'll get to working on it. Eventually.


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    Re: AMVs: Do you really care?

    i do care but it doesnt seem like many do
    i mainly use yu-gi-oh or raven from teen titans but ive started expanidng out to yu-gi-oh
    what inspires me to make video is the song might notice that all my amv`s are on rock songs when i hear a rock song i try realting it to an anime ill be like wow....this must be how this-this character must feel
    my worst amv
    it must be this one -no comments-lowest viewing [ i like it even though ]
    my best amv so far
    YouTube - Bakura i must be dreaming/bleed amv
    YouTube - BAKURA REMEDY ( most views)

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    Re: AMVs: Do you really care?

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