DISCLAIMER OF THE DAY: Contains blood, violence, high-octane action, giant robots, explosions, and everything necessary for a nutritious violent breakfast. MIGHT HURT EYES! Or cause mild discomfort or... something like that...

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(using MySpace Videos now because YouTube has such horrible video quality)

I was bored yesterday afternoon so I spent a couple hours making this thing. I made everything fast and I made everything rock. LOL. This is one of my favorite anime OVAs. It just kicks ass. Enjoy.


Ryuho versus Kazuma -:THEME
Still waiting for episodes. Source site still down. -:STATUS

Samurai X OVAs
Kenshin x Tomoe <3 -:THEME
Standby. -:STATUS

Yachiru and Ken-chan -:THEME
Looking for more Yachiru episodes and other material. -:STATUS