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Thread: How can i get more people to check out amv's

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    Question How can i get more people to check out amv's

    Youtube kind of bites it if your trying to get your amv's noticed. ive been trying to find the best outlet for real amv enthusiast. I've been doing these for months now and its hard to get feedback. Can anyone help please. If people like them or not is a moot point. i just want constructive criticism. Thanks all. presently if you would like to check them out, i have quite a few, look me up on youtube. Type in synngeo333 in search. Again thank you.

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    Re: How can i get more people to check out amv's

    Yeah you really need to wait till the views crawl up .And from my experience I havent gotten any constructive criticism ..yet you can get your videos featured to get more views and post them up on more sites

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