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Thread: How to Request an AMV (Anime Music Video)

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    Re: How to Request an AMV (Anime Music Video)

    me too., can i request to have an AMV of D.GRAY MAN or FULLMETAL ALCHEMISTS BROTHERHOOD.. the song is either Bokutachi no Yukue by Hitomi Takahashi or moment by vivian/kazuma,,
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    Re: How to Request an AMV (Anime Music Video)

    Quote Originally Posted by jaderabbit View Post
    You can request AMV's here and hopefully an AnimeOnline member will make it for you... doesn't mean they will.. but there is a slim chance ^_^.
    Request away~!

    "Once the request has been made please take it to PM."

    i make amv`s on my youtube account but the problem is i only do so on some animes like inuyasha YUGIOH!! raven from teent titans etc but i guess i could make for requests ^_^

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