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christian louboutin outlet As a photo shoot producer for national publications and having been involved with various editorial projects in far off places including Yukon, Cuba and Switzerland, I noted one thing that seems to have been lost by the Louis Vuitton casting directors of this particular ad campaign (and the installations photos for that matter) -- the lack of diversity of the main players. As a South Asian woman, I am keenly aware of the lack of cultural diversity on the fashion catwalks of the world and always focus on including some hues other than white when casting for a shoot. However shooting an editorial campaign that focuses on the latest trends is one thing, but if you are strictly honing in on a specific demographic or country, wouldn't it behoove you to at least include one model from that country?.
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Christian Louboutin Shoes To promote brand awareness, a tagline should be repeated frequently and consistently across all touchpoints. And, at the very least, a tagline must be distinctive in order to differentiate a brand from its competitors. In many ways, finding the right tagline mimics the process behind brand naming-research, strategy and creative work can all contribute to achieving the perfect end result..
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