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Thread: My AMVS

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    My AMVS

    Hi everyone. I'm lilkittykat13 and I'm kind of new here; anyways I was looking for a place to hang out and I found this AMV thread. I've made 4 AMVs and i wanted to share them with you.

    Who Am I-A Peach Girl Tribute
    YouTube - Who I Am

    Who I am is a tribute to my fav anime character Momo Adachi; it describes her in a way like no other(IMO) This video is like a rant for Momo about her feeling and how ppl don't know who she is.

    Ain't No Way~ANIMESTYL
    YouTube - Ain't No Way(ANIMESTYL)
    This Video is for the Couples KyoxTohru, InuyashaxKagome, GeorgexYukari, YukixTohru, MomoxTouji, NarutoxHinata, SangoxMiroku, MiwakoxArashi, and MomoxKairi

    Beautiful Disaster(Live)
    YouTube - Beautiful Disaster{Live}

    This actually a video my older sister made and since she loves NARUTO and she loves the coupling NaruxHina(Naruto and Hinata) she decieded to show her fanness and make a vid to her fav song by Kelly Clarkson Beautiful Disaster(live)

    You Found Me {When Touji Wasn't Looking}
    YouTube - You Found Me {When Touji Wasn't Lookin'}

    This is the very first video I ever created. it's not the best of the best but it was, my first it's dedicated to Kairi and Momo
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