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Thread: My list of AMAZING AMVs

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    My list of AMAZING AMVs

    This is the list of videos ive been keeping, got something you think truly worthy of this list, id love to watch it, PM me with the highest quality link you have.
    Anyways im listing a few amvs that ive found to be very very VERY good. i only take the best and nothing less. My top 3 for relation to the anime will have a * in front, and top 4 video editng will have a ~. AMVs with a +sign are classics that have great editing for the time period.

    Asuka the Black Knight(with audio from Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail) -
    ~Rei - Damaged(amazing and more amazing) YouTube - Rei Remix, Plummet - Damaged

    Rah Xephon
    ~*Euphoria -

    Real Ninjas! (LOL) - YouTube - Real Ninja
    NarutOwned! (LAWL) - YouTube - Narutowned

    Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
    SR-71 - Goodbye - YouTube - AMV Goodbye - Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
    *Blindside - Pitiful - YouTube - Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien AMV

    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    *She's Just Oblivious - YouTube - Haruhi Suzumiya AMV - She's Just Oblivious
    ~Skittles - YouTube - Skittles

    Vampire Hunter D
    Moonlight Shadow(old school trance) - YouTube - vampire hunter D (moonlight shadow amv)

    Rurouni Kenshin
    +Stabbing Westward - Torn Apart - YouTube - AMV - Kenshin - Stabbing Westward - Torn Apart

    Various Anime
    ~Shounen Bushido (this man had a vision, and he made a DAMN good AMV out of it) - YouTube - Shounen bushido
    Rah Xephon VS Evangelion - YouTube - RahXephon vs Evangelion
    +Vast - Touched - YouTube - Otaku Vengeance Presents: Vast - Touched

    +Street Fighter - Face to Face - I Won't Lie Down - YouTube - Street Fighter 2 ~ Face to Face - "I Wont Lie Down" (Remix)

    Legend of Dragoon
    +Stabbing Westword - Torn Apart - YouTube - Legend of Dragoon - Torn Apart

    Final Fantasy
    Advent Children Parody -
    +FF8 - Linkin Park - Runaway YouTube - final fantasy 8 amv linkin park run away
    +FF4-8 - Offspring - Staring at the Sun - YouTube - Final Fantasy - Staring At The Sun
    +FF9 - Lifehouse - Hanging By a Momemnt - YouTube - Final Fantasy IX AMV - Hanging By A Moment (Remastered)

    will add more later

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    Re: My list of AMAZING AMVs

    That is a good list, but you missed some key DBZ AMVs

    YouTube - The Balls are Inert.... FIXED

    YouTube - 9000!! NINE THOUSAAAAANDD!


    I think, If you've been on youtube within the last 6 months, you'll know what these are. lol

    Thanks to _gwenibe_ for this awesome sig!

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    Re: My list of AMAZING AMVs

    As much as I would love to contribute to this Thread (I know alot of really good amv's), This is a List thread, and is really best for Journal Material.


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