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Thread: Project AYUMIX: Daybreak AMV

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    Project AYUMIX: Daybreak AMV

    I just watched this and tears nearly came out of my eyes. Okay, so I do like her songs quite a bit and she's the first JPop singer I discovered and well, it had been over a year I hadn't much listened to her music as I was somewhat down. I guess it brought back memories of sorts.

    Okay, so there is lots of action as well through it all, but there are some sad moments too. And it is an AMV so there won't be many images of Ayumi, but for those out there who like her, she's still there here and there. Oh, and all the music you hear are remixes of the same song if I remember well...or not, but they are all Ayumi's xD. The anime within will be listen in the links I'll give you.

    Without further ado, here is the thingy I found that made me nearly cry

    YouTube - Project Ayumix: D a y b r e a k (low quality, no need to register)

    ++| A M V - Video Information (variable quality from low to super high res xD, need to register, is free)

    So, what do you think? A worthy end product? Me thinks so a lot, though that's just me. What say you?
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    Thanks to Xelhes for this amazing work of art ^.^

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    Re: Project AYUMIX: Daybreak AMV

    personally i LOVE this AMV, i totally forgot about it. one of my favorite artists is silvermoon, who always does an amazing job with editing

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