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Thread: Some Great AMV's

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    Some Great AMV's

    I didn't want to make a new thread with all these others containing AMV's as well... but it seems more taboo to post in a "dead topic."

    The AMV's contain images that are all throughout the series or movie so the plot may be ruined for those who have not seen 'said' Anime.

    My Neighbor Totoro
    Name : Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Fantastic AMV - the name is off an old movie about an evil circus that comes to town. But what's done here is just cutting scenes to portray Totoro as evil.
    YouTube - Totoro AMV - Requiem For A Tower

    Name : Gendou's Paradise
    Wow - it's really well done and a lot of effort has been put into a whole new set of lyrics just for this AMV
    YouTube - Gendo's paradise

    Death Note
    Name : Let's Get Ready To Die
    This song is way overused for this Anime in AMV's - but this is one of the good ones.
    YouTube - Let's Get Ready to Die Deathnote [NYAF Best Action Winner 2008!!]

    Vampire Hunter D
    Name : Moonlight Shadow
    This one was one of my first AMV's I watched. I still think it's great.
    YouTube - vampire hunter D (moonlight shadow amv)

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    Re: Some Great AMV's

    Quote Originally Posted by beymasta454 View Post
    YouTube - Max vs Mystel AMV i made this i did
    Quote Originally Posted by beast View Post
    Antoher good AMV that is out is final fantasy VIII set to Everything you want by vertical horizon.
    Quote Originally Posted by KawaiiRose View Post
    YouTube - Tsubasa - Kurogane x Fye: Lost Complex
    I really love Tsubasa so sweet.
    Quote Originally Posted by alguappo View Post
    okay okay I know I know this isn't an AMV but YouTube - Spongebob - Chop Suey by System of a Down

    here's a real AMV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAC38RbOvw

    sorry 'bout that it is all screwy sorry again I think I did it wrong but you can look up "bleach amv remember the name" and you should get it thanx!
    All of you should look at how topic creator Wence posted and try again in a less list-like manner. Which is exactly how you tried it the first time.

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    Re: Some Great AMV's

    hmmmm some of thos sound ok gess ill look them up when i git my pc

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    Re: Some Great AMV's

    try this one:
    Devil May Cry 3 AMV
    Band: Soilwork
    Sond: Sick Heart River

    just type in Soilwork - Sick Heart River(Devil May Cry 3)

    this is an incredable AMV but with so little views!! the person that mad it paid very close attention to detail when making the AMV. Also.. c'mon.. SOILWORK IS JUST FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

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    Re: Some Great AMV's

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    Re: Some Great AMV's

    YouTube - FATE STAY NIGHT EPIC AMV Fate stay night there must be an epic amv for every epic anime out there!!!!

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