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Thread: Dark stormy love....

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    Dark stormy love....

    Dark stormy nights...

    I remember you used to hold my hand...

    I always hated the dark nights witch pored with rain and thunder...

    We used to sit up on the bed watching it all from the window, with our arms around each other...

    Our safety blanket ...was each other.

    Too bad that’s over were no longer each others safety blanket...

    Why did you do that to me?

    You left me...

    You left me in the stormy weather...

    But the only good thing about it was that the rain hides my tears...

    I miss you.

    Will we ever be together again?

    I want to just put my arms around you and be your safety blanket

    Even if it burns me...

    I still love you after all that time and pain....

    Nothing will change my mind...

    But I hope you still love me to deep inside.

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    Re: Dark stormy love....

    beautiful poem equinn!! Keep up the good work and can't wait to hear more

    Made by mi amigo Mveli2

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