I’m an Enemy.

Your boot crushes my throat,
Stepping and grinding till I choke.
You hate the words I spoke,
So here I am with dagger and cloak,

Urban tactics with guerilla poetry,
Slip and stick with the pen to glory,
I tell the truth behind your false story.
Fear me for the people are my attorney.

Diplomatic resolution and dissolution.
Stick to the tricks of the constitution.
You stand against our freedoms intrusion.
Proud of your barely free institution.

I’m a terrorist if I can’t conform,
**** that, I’m a Martyr for the storm.
Dancing in the acid rain with the forlorn.
Oppressed depression set to the norm.

I’m an enemy, with you in my sights.
In doing so I only protect my rights,
But you kill us with your fights,
And set us in a dark room without lights.

Click, Click, the time bomb ticks,
Fear not the democratic tricks,
All they do is play with their…. checks.
And turn the rest of us into wrecks.