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Thread: The ivory's final note! 06/04

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    The ivory's final note! {06/04}

    He walks through the darkness one last time
    as he searches the night for some hope of the
    feelings he once had and nothing seems to
    be found , the wind makes the candle flicker
    as he walks on to the room he will call his resting

    Thoughts of his love seem to be so strong
    tonight something seems to be so right but
    he knows its oh so wrong , the candle melted
    half way from caressing those ivory's he played
    moments before , he See's shadows but the candle
    light of him and her being so passionate and so
    non caring like the world was only meant for them.

    A door knob turned the creak of a door opening
    the stale air of what used to be still lingering , her
    smile can still be felt as he closes the door behind him
    now in the room , he stares as the balcony we he asked
    her to be his forever more and she said yes with a year
    of joy , nothing really moved that day but there hearts
    from the joy , his thoughts distracted as he See's a rose
    so dwindled so faded so alone .

    He sighs as he moves the chair and cleans
    the dust from it looking around at the memories ,
    as he plays another movie now in his mind the night
    she gave herself to him , that night was so special
    so full of love , only the 2 of them knew what would
    happen that night as that embraced what would be
    something that could not be taken back , but she willingly
    gave herself to him.

    Standing on edge as he looked down below at the
    room so full of memory's another tear falls as he wished
    here was another way for him , but he would not dare brake
    his promise to her to always be where she is , love so grand ,
    so open , so beautiful , always embracing tomorrow why couldn't it
    be so now? , things just seem so right for him as he smiled weaving
    that rope into that noose that seems to be egging him on though
    not much help was needed to let him be with her.

    The rope now tied his neck now encircled he looks around
    one last time as the move he plays in head comes to its conclusion
    leaving him crying once more as stands there in that wobbling
    chair , he says in a very quiet whisper * my hands can no longer
    caress the ivory the tune is finaly gone* then he walks from the chair
    to the air and ends that moment with a cracking sounf as his neck
    is broke .

    this poem is about how love can be so awesome and so
    intence that nothing can ever replace it not even the life
    you live because its is pointless.
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    Re: The ivory's final note! 06/04

    Wow sweetie this is such a romantic poem. It was so wonderful how the two of them loved eachother so much and it was sad at the end with the guy hanging himself which tells me she must've left or passed away that he felt he couldn't be without her. I can't wait to read your next one.
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